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Jeeter’s Latest Pop-Up Tour: Jeeter Mart!

Starting Friday, July 29th, Jeeter Mart, Jeeter’s latest Pop-Up Tour is coming to dispensaries near you in California, Arizona and Michigan! You’re not going to want to miss this.

Remember the days when you were excited to walk into that local corner store and pick up a Slurpee and some snacks? You pocketed all of your loose change to walk down those aisles and grab your favorite post-high munchies with your friends. Those were the days. Now, come relive some of those memories with Jeeter at the new Jeeter Mart!

New Strain!

You’ll only find this infused* Jeeter 1G pre-roll at the Jeeter Mart, so be sure to check the schedule here and mark your calendars accordingly. This is an experience and a strain you definitely do not want to miss! There are even goodies and swag bags for those who arrive early!

Speaking of Slurpee machines, how could we create a new experience without a new strain to go with it? Introducing Pina Colada, the Jeeter Mart exclusive strain! The fan-favorite Slurpee flavor just got a delicious makeover.

Pina Colada is an evenly balanced hybrid strain packing super delicious flavor into each and every toke for a mouth-wateringly delicious experience from start to finish. Jeeter Mart’s official strain brings flavors of fresh sweet citrus, sour pineapple, and creamy banana to the table, leaving you immediately begging for more.

*Please note, that the pre-roll is infused with Liquid Diamonds in California and Michigan and infused with distillate oil in Arizona.

What To Expect

If you stopped by our previous pop-up Jeeter Night, you’ll already have an idea of how amazing Jeeter’s pop-up tours are. Every piece of the pop-up is created with the utmost attention to detail and built to create a well-rounded experience. Enjoy checking out all of the little details we brought together to create Jeeter Mart for you.

Grab some juice, Jeeter Juice that is, from the fridge, and check out our hot dog roller. Select from a wide variety of Jeeter pre-rolls on our shelves and enjoy the overall vibe radiating from this pop-up. You’ll start searching for that Slurpee machine in no time.

What Is It?

Jeeter Mart is an interactive experience traveling around from dispensary to dispensary providing customers with a fun way to learn about and connect with the brand.

Immerse yourself in an interactive nostalgic experience taking you back to the good old days of summer. Stroll through Jeeter Mart and relive your fond childhood memories with a new twist.

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